Plastic Enclosure Boxes Push button box


These enclosures have knockouts on both sides so it is easy to punch holes. Our knockouts enclosures are easy to make onsite installation of cable or wirings. This series are made for electrical control box, junction box and many other applications.


1. BOXCO's pushbutton enclosure is no need additional machining when you install 22, 25 or 30mm push button and switches. 
2. Our pushbutton switch box is made from ABS and polycarbonate. 
3. Switch boxes have 1,2 or 3 push button entries and it has 22mm molded knockouts in base for easy installation.

Temperature range  ABS : - 40 ~ + 75 │ Polycarbonate(PC) : - 40 ~ + 110
Flammability Rating  ABS : 94-HB │Polycarbonate(PC) : 94-V-0, 5VA, HB

Size(included cover)ModelHole
W X L X H(mm)W X L X H(inch)
80x110x703.15x4.33x2.76BC-AGS-081107-2201221 HOLE
80x110x853.15x4.33x3.35BC-AGS-081108-2201221 HOLE
80x130x703.15x5.12x2.76BC-AGS-081307-2202222 HOLE
80x130x853.15x5.12x3.35BC-AGS-081308-2202222 HOLE
80x180x703.15x7.09x2.76BC-AGS-081807-2203223 HOLE
80x180x853.15x7.09x3.35BC-AGS-081808-2203223 HOLE
80x250x703.15x9.84x2.76BC-AGS-082507-2204224 HOLE
80x250x853.15x9.84x3.35BC-AGS-082508-2204224 HOLE
80x110x703.15x4.33x2.76BC-AGS-081107-2501251 HOLE
80x110x853.15x4.33x3.35BC-AGS-081108-2501251 HOLE
80x130x703.15x5.12x2.76BC-AGS-081307-2502252 HOLE
80x130x853.15x5.12x3.35BC-AGS-081308-2502252 HOLE
80x180x703.15x7.09x2.76BC-AGS-081807-2503253 HOLE
80x180x853.15x7.09x3.35BC-AGS-081808-2503253 HOLE
80x250x703.15x9.84x2.76BC-AGS-082507-2504254 HOLE
80x250x853.15x9.84x3.35BC-AGS-082508-2504254 HOLE
80x110x703.15x4.33x2.76BC-AGS-081107-3001301 HOLE
80x110x853.15x4.33x3.35BC-AGS-081108-3001301 HOLE
80x130x703.15x5.12x2.76BC-AGS-081307-3002302 HOLE
80x130x853.15x5.12x3.35BC-AGS-081308-3002302 HOLE
80x180x703.15x7.09x2.76BC-AGS-081807-3003303 HOLE
80x180x853.15x7.09x3.35BC-AGS-081808-3003303 HOLE
80x250x703.15x9.84x2.76BC-AGS-082507-3004304 HOLE
80x250x853.15x9.84x3.35BC-AGS-082508-3004304 HOLE

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