Digital 3 Phase Economic Mutifunction Meter : MFM383A


3 Ø (True rms) Voltage,3 Ø (True rms) Current,3 Ø Power (Active, Reactive & Apparent),3 Ø Power factor,Frequency,Energy (Active),Programmable CT / PT,Pulse output


Economic Mutifunction Meter MFM383A
Display TypeLCD with Backlight
Display Configuration3 Rows of 4 Digits, 1 Row of 7 ½ Digits
Electrical Connection3Ø - 3W, 3Ø - 4W, 2Ø - 3W, 1Ø - 2W
Type of OutputPulse Output
FeaturesPassword Protection, Energy (Active / Reactive / Apparent)
Communication ProtocolRS485 and MODBUS RTU 
CT Primary1 / 5A to 10kA   (Programmable for any Value)
CT Secondary1 / 5A (Programmable)
PT Primary100V to 10kV (Programmable for any Value)
PT Secondary100V to 500V AC (L – L) (Programmable for any Value)
Rated Input CurrentNominal 5A AC (Min - 11mA ; Max - 6A)
Supply Voltage100 to 240V AC (-15% to +12%)
Size96 x 96mm
Mounting TypePanel Mount
CertificationCE, UL Listed

Product CodeSupply VoltageOutputCertification
Pulse OutputCommunication (RS485)
MFM383A-C-CE100 to 240V AC (-15% to +12%)YesYesCE
MFM383A-C-CU100 to 240V AC (-15% to +12%)YesYesCE, UL
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