Digital Voltage Protection Relay,Self Powered : 900VPR-2-280/520V


Under/Over Voltage, Under/Over Frequency,Phase Asymmetry/Failure/Monitoring,True RMS Measurement,Power ON,Trip Time Delay,Adjustable Switching Htsteresis,Two Seperate Alarm Relays

3Ø-Digital Voltage Protection Relay, Self Powered [900VPR-2-280/520V]

Measuring ParameterUnder Voltage, Over Voltage, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Phase Asymmetry, Phase Failure, Phase Sequence
Electrical Connection3Ø-3W, 3Ø-4W
Display3 digits Liquid Crystal Display without backlight
Time RangesTrip Time Delay : 0-99.9 sec , Power ON Delay : 2-99.9 sec,
Recovery Time Delay : 0-99.9 sec, Response Time : < 200ms
AccuracyTrip Voltage : ±1% of Set Value 
Output Contact2 x 1C/O (SPDT)
Output RatingNC : 3A@250V AC, NO : 5A@250V AC (Res)
Operating Voltage280 to 520V AC (L-L), 160 to 300V AC (L-N)
Mounting TypeDIN Rail Mount
CertificationCE, UL Listed
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