Digital Voltage Protection Relay,Self Powered : VPRD2M-BL


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1Ø & 3Ø- Digital Voltage Protection Relay [VPRD2M]

Measuring ParameterUnder Voltage, Over Voltage, Phase Asymmetry,Phase Failure, Phase Sequence 
Electrical Connection1Ø-2W ,3Ø-4W 
Display3 Digits LCD
Time RangesTrip Time Delay : 0 to 300sec, Power ON Delay : 0.5 to 300sec,
Recovery Time Delay : 0 to 300sec, Response Time : <150ms
AccuracyTrip setting : ±1% ± 2 digits  , Time Setting  : ±5% of Setting ± 150ms 
Output Contact2 C/O (DPDT )
Output RatingNO,NC: 5A @ 250V AC /28 V DC 
Operating Voltage127 to 288V AC (L-N) 
Size35 mm
Mounting TypeDIN Rail Mount
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