KF5050B : DK Cable junction boxes ”Weatherproof“ for outdoor installation Cable junction box(copy)


Hensel, KF5050B Junction Box, Cable 5P c/w Terminals & Knockouts, IP66/67, DK Cable Junction Boxes, Junction Boxes. Size: 150A 16-50mm2 355x255x122mm, Finish: Grey


KF5050B : DK Cable junction boxes ”Weatherproof“ for outdoor installation Cable junction box


  • 16-50 mm², Cu 3~
  • terminal with 2 clamping units per pole
  • 5-pole per pole 6 x 16 mm² s, 4 x 25 mm² s, 4 x 35 mm² s, 4 x 50 mm² s
    with two cable entries M 32 from the rear side
  • cable entries via knockouts, order AKM separately (see cable entry systems LES)
  • "weatherproof" resistant to weather influences (UV due to solar radiation, protected against rainwater, temperature resistant, impact resistant, etc.)
  • saltwater-proof
  • "offshore applications"
  • lid fasteners sealable without accessories
  • External brackets for wall fixing included
  • Color: Black, RAL 9011
rated insulation voltageUi = 690 V a.c./d.c.
rated current:150 A
tightening torque for terminal12.0 Nm
materialPC-GFS (polycarbonate)
degree of protection:IP 66 / IP 67 / IP 69
IP 67, temporary submersion up to 1 meter, max. 15 minutes
IP 69, water pressure max. 100 bar, water temperature max. 80 °C, distance ≥ 0.15 m
width355 mm
height255 mm
depth122 mm
weight2,55 kg
in accordance withIEC 60670-22
in accordance withRussian Maritime Register of Shipping, technical documentation is approved by the letter No. 250-A-1180-108795

Dimension drawing

Detail mass

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