THB.391.A2C.L TH391 - In-line circular mini-joint connector type "I" IP68/IP69K


SCREW TERMINALS Circular mini-joint connectors IP68 with screw terminals (cable cross-section max. 4.0 mm2)

แบรนด์ : Techno

General Description
Brand  Techno Connector
Type of installation  Joint connector (re-usable/re-accessible)
Type of product (Family)  TEETUBE® - In-line and junction circular connectors IP68/IP69K
Product name (Series)  TH391 - In-line circular mini-joint connector tipo "I" IP68/IP69K
Product configuration  In-line joint connector 
Type of Fixation  With quick-fix mounting clip
  • Mounting clip to be ordered separately (code 6000302CC).
Colour  Black (Plastic components) - Techno green (Rubber components)
Outer dimension  Φ 23 mm x 95 mm
Electrical characteristics
Number of poles  2
Contact marking  1 - 3
Type of connection  screw with push-wire clamp (M3 - max. 0.5 Nm)
  • Recommnded for cable of cross-section < 1.0 mm2.
Operating current  max. 24A
Operating voltage  max. 450V AC
Mechanical Characteristics
Protection against solid/water (IP)  IP68 (30m,2h)/IP69K
Corrosion resistance  Salt mist, 1.000 ore, 5% salt solutions, 35°C EN60068-2-11:2000, Test Ka (168h)
Cable Characteristics
Wire cross-section min. - max. (Stranded cable)  0.25 mm2 - 2.5 mm2
  • Tested positively with cables of cross-section 0.25 mm2..
Wire cross-section min. - max. (Solid cable)  0.25 mm2 - 2.5 mm2
  • Tested positively with cables of cross-section 0.25 mm2..
Cable diameter min. - max.  7.0 mm - 13.5 mm
  • For cables with diameter For smaller cables please take the proper accessory. For cables with diameter 14.0 mm take the code 604004900.
Material Characteristics
Connector housing  PA66 GF UL94 V0 GWT 960°C
Cable gland  PA66 UL94 V2 GWT 850°C
Sealing  TPE
Grommets  TPE
Contacts  CuZn (nickel plated)
Screws  Steel (rivestimento Zinco)
Material properties  Halogen Free - Silicone Free
T marking  T 85°C
Operating temperature range  -40°C / +125°C
Proof Tracking Index (PTI)  PTI 250
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