THP.387.B2A.L TH387 - mini-Plug&Socket connector IP66/IP68


Product name (Series)TH387 - mini-Plug&Socket connector IP66/IP68 Product configurationSocket connector (cable-to-cable) Number of poles2 Type of connectioninsulation piercing screw (M3 - max. 1.0 Nm) Cable diameter min. - max.7.0 mm - 13.5 mm Operating currentmax. 17.5A Operating voltagemax. 450V AC Wire cross-section min. - max. (Stranded cable)0.5 mm2 - 1.5 mm2

แบรนด์ : Techno

 Type of installation Plug and Socket connector
 Type of product (Family) TEEPLUG® - IP66/IP68 Plug&Socket circular connectors
 Product name (Series) TH387 - mini-Plug&Socket connector IP66/IP68
 Product configuration Socket connector (cable-to-cable)
 Type of Fixation With quick-fix mounting clip
 Colour Black (Plastic components) - Techno green (Rubber components) 
 Outer dimension Φ 23 mm x 113 mm (when plug-socket matched)
 Number of poles 2
 Contact marking 1-3
 Type of connection insulation piercing screw (M3 - max. 1.0 Nm)
 • The piercing solution is ideal for PVC, Neoprene and FEP cables.
 Operating current max. 17.5A
 Operating voltage max. 450V AC
 Impulse withstand voltage 4KV
 Protection against solid/water (IP) IP66/IP68 (30m,3h)
 Corrosion resistance Salt mist, 1.000 ore, 5% salt solutions, 35°C EN60068-2-11:2000, Test Ka (168h)
 Wire cross-section min. - max. (Stranded cable) 0.5 mm2 - 1.5 mm2
 Cable diameter min. - max. 7.0 mm - 13.5 mm
 Connector housing PA66 GF UL94 V0 GWT 960°C
 Cable gland PA66 UL94 V2 GWT 850°C
 Sealing TPE-S
 Grommets TPE-S
 Contacts CuZn (nickel plated)
 Screws Steel (rivestimento Ottone)
 Impulse withstand category II
 Pollution degree 2
 Material properties Halogen Free - Silicone Free
 T marking T 125°C
 Operating temperature range -40°C / +125°C
 Proof Tracking Index (PTI) PTI 175


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