LNE-PA Standard PA Nylon Flexible Conduit


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หมวดหมู่ : FLEXIBLE CONDUIT Plastic Flexible Conduit

แบรนด์ : Leinuoer

Standard PA Nylon Flexible Conduit LNE-PA
Product material: PA6 nylon,polyamide
Working temperature:-40℃~+100℃, instantaneously can be +140℃.
Certification: RoHS, CE, Product Quanlity Certificate of Railway Ministry , -40℃ Low Temperature Text Report
Structure: corrugated both inner & outer
Flame Retardant Rating: FV-0
Color: Black. Other colors are customizable upon requirements(split available).
Property:Well flexibility, distortion-resistant, good bending performance ,strong bearing capacity; resistance against  acid,  lubricating oil, cooling fluid ,glossy surface ,friction resistance
Bearing capacity: Non-cracking or deformation at feet pressure,recover quickly without damage.
How to use: Insert the wires or cables into the conduit and match with the suited connectors such as LNE-SM-G ,SM or SM-F series
Applications ::Widely applied in the industries like Robots & automation,new energy automobile,aviation,train & metro,railway traffic equipment,marine vessel,electrical power generation,chemical industry,mechanical arms & equipment,illuminating equipment and electrical insulating protection,etc. Adaptive for both dynamic & static environment,especially with requirement of flame retardant.

NO.Flexible ConduitDiameter (mm.)Radius (mm.)Packaging Unit
LNE-PA-7.0AD 7.04.5x7.016200
LNE-PA-10.0AD 10.0     1/4"6.5x10.016100
LNE-PA-11.6AD 11.68.0x11.616100
LNE-PA-13.0AD 13.0     5/16"10.0x13.020100
LNE-PA-15.8AD 15.8     3/8"12.0x15.830100
LNE-PA-18.5AD 18.514.3x18.540100
LNE-PA-21.2AD 21.2     1/2"17.0x21.245100
LNE-PA-25.0AD 25.020.0x25.04550
LNE-PA-28.5AD 28.5     3/4"23.0x28.55050
LNE-PA-32.0AD 32.026.0x32.0 55 50 
LNE-PA-34.5AD 34.5     1"29.0x34.560 50 
LNE-PA-42.5AD 42.5     1 1/4"36.0x42.5 70 50 
LNE-PA-54.5AD 54.5     2"48.0x54.5 90 25 
LNE-PA-74.0AD 74.0     2 1/2"63.0x74.0 130 20 
LNE-PA-88.0AD 88.0     3"76.0x88.0 170 20 
LNE-PA-108.0AD 108.0   4"94.0x108.0 225 20 

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