LNE-JSP Liquid-tight Smooth PVC Coated Metal Conduit


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หมวดหมู่ : FLEXIBLE CONDUIT Metal Flexible Conduit

แบรนด์ : Leinuoer

LNE-JSP Liquid-tight Smooth PVC Coated Metal Conduit
Product material:(inner layer) adopting hot-dipped galvanized steel band with special anticorrosion treatment ;(outer layer) adopting PVC raw material (anti-UV, anti-aging)
Certification: RoHS,CE,flame retardant certification FV-0
Working temperature: -10℃ ~ +80℃, instantaneously can be +100℃ , can be customized high temperature and low temperature resistant products
Color:Black, Grey
Property:  1.excellent waterproof ,insulation and tensile strength
                  2.PVC surface thickened layer, smooth appearance ,and with flame retardant
                  3.Square locked structure increase the tensile strength,not easily broken or deformed
                  4.internal smooth structure is very easy for the entry of wire and cable
Usage: protecting wires/cables and provide insulation and waterproof performance.
Application: widely used in robots,aerospace,power generation,high-speed rail subway,railway equipment,shipbuilding,chemical industry,communication system,engineering equipment installation,industrial automation equipment,machine tool equipment,lighting equipment,electrical insulation protection system of indoor and outdoor environment of wire and cable protection
How to use: Put the wires/cables through conduit before matching the correspondent type of LNE-DPJ

NO.MetricG SystemOuter DiameterNatural CurveMax Axial PullPackaging Unit
LNE-JSP-10Φ 105/16″15.1 ± 0.5055590100
LNE-JSP-13Φ 133/8″17.9 ± 0.506576550
LNE-JSP-16Φ 161/2″21.3 ± 0.508594050
LNE-JSP-20Φ 203/4″26.0 ± 0.50100118050
LNE-JSP-25Φ 251″32.4 ± 0.50120145050
LNE-JSP-32Φ 321 1/4″42.4 ± 0.50150188520
LNE-JSP-38Φ 381 1/2″47.6 ± 0.60180224020
LNE-JSP-51Φ 512″60.2 ± 1.00220300020
LNE-JSP-64Φ 642 1/2″73.7 ± 1.50310
LNE-JSP-75Φ 753″88.6 ± 2.00350 10
LNE-JSP-100Φ 1004″113.5 ± 3.00410 10
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