LP series is one of best-selling series products made with high-performance engineering plastics. The quick plug design allows one hand plug/unplug. There are different sizes from M12 to M24 to support all kinds of connection types as: *male plug + female socket *female plug + male socket *male plug + female mating plug *female plug + male mating plug

แบรนด์ : CNLINKO

Product parameter
Part NO.LP-20-C04PE-01-001/LP-20-JO4SX-01-001
Wire specification2.5M㎡~5M㎡/14-12AWG
Line diameter range8㎜~12㎜
Rated current(A)20A
Operation voltage(AC.V.RMS)500V
Contact resistance<1mΩ
Temperature rise 20A per contact at 30℃,25A……40℃,30A……50℃.
Withstand voltage (AC.V)1minute2500V
Insulation resistance>500MΩ
Protection levelIP65/IP67
Mating cycle≥500 times
Working temperature-40℃~80℃
Connection modeQuick plug connection
Wiring modeWelding / Crimping
Insulation componentsHigh-performance engineering plastics
HardwareZinc alloy(Nickel Plating)
PINCopper alloy | gold plating
Waterproof circleSilica gel
Flame retardant gradeUL94-V0


Core tables
The Number of Pins3PIN4PIN10PIN12PIN19PIN24PINRJ45USBOptical Fiber
The PIN map
Rated current25A25A10A10A5A5A1.5A  
Operating voltage500V400V150V
Withstanding Voltage2500V1500V1000V  
Contact resistance<1.0mΩ<2.5mΩ<5.0mΩ<30mΩ  
Temperature rise30A per contact at 30℃,35A……40℃,40A……50℃.
Contact diameter x numberΦ3.0x3Φ3.0x4Φ1.5x10Φ1.5x12Φ1.0x19Φ1.0x248PIN9PIN&4PIN 
Insertion force4.5N Max.6.0N Max.14N Max.16N Max.19N Max.22N Max.4.5N Max.4.5N Max. 4.5N Max. 
Durability1700 times
Screw torque42-53(N.m) torque wrench200(N.m)
Working temperature-40℃~80℃
VibrationFrequency: 5~200Hz,amplitude:5mm,Speed:10m/s.0.10us without instantaneous break
Impact resistance294m/s2
Salt fogPH6.5-7.2,NaCI,5% 48H
Cable specification2.5M㎡-4M㎡
Diameter rangeApplicable scope of OD (4-Φ Φ 14)mm with waterproof circle (Φ7mm,14mmΦ)
Protection levelIP67
Certification standardsComply with the TUV and UL certification standards

The male mating plug
Male plug and female socketFemale plug and male socketNormal typeReversed type
The female mating plugFull plasticFull metalPlastic+ metal



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