M23 Circular Connectors | M23 Series Encoder Connectors


หมวดหมู่ : CONNECTORS

แบรนด์ : EUMAX

  • Conform to M23 threaded circular connector standard
  • Provide 2 Signal connectors : 12,17 poles
  • Provide 2 Power connectors : 6,8 poles
  • Crimping terminations for reliable mating and easy processing
  • Cost-effective gold-plated crimp contacts should be ordered separately
Insert Arrangements (Mating Side View)
Technical Data
Brand : EUMAX
Item/Pole12176 (5+PE)8 (4+3+PE)
Rated Current8A8A28A8A*4  28A*3
Rated Voltage200V160V

Contact Resistance<3MΩ
Insulation Resistance>10 Ω
Working Temperature-40 ~ +125 ℃.
Insulation MaterialPBT
Contact MaterialAg or Au
Mating/Unmating Cycles>500
Connection TypeCrimp   
Contact/Wire Size12*ø1.0 / 1.0mm17*ø1.0 / 1.0mm6*ø2.0 / 4.0mm4*ø1.0 / 1.5mm
4*ø2.0 / 4.0mm


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