ILME TCHI-06L T-Type Bulkhead Mount Housing, Size 44.27, Single Lever


The ILME TCHI-06L T-Type bulkhead mount insulating housing is size 44.27 and features a single lever. The body is thermoplastic with a thermoplastic lever. Insert center distance: 44 x 27 mm. Rated IP 65 when attached and locked down. The TCHI-06L offers a cost effective solution for many applications and withstands exposure from most chemicals, making it useful under more harsh conditions.

หมวดหมู่ : CONNECTORS ILME Multipole Connectors

แบรนด์ : I.L.M.E.

 Brand ILME
 Body Thermoplastic
 Lever Thermoplastic
 ILME Series T
 Insert Dimension 44.27
 Enclosure Dimension 44.27
 Housing Type Plastic, Insulating
 Enclosure Type Single Lever
 Mounting Style Bulkhead Mount
 Gasket Yes
 Temperature Range -40 C to 90 C (-40 F to 194 F)
 Ingress Protection- IP 65 when attached and locked down
 Insert Center Distance 44 x 27 mm
 Approvals C UR US, CCC


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