LNE-DPN Female Thread Straight Connector


Female thread type is suitable for connection with threaded steel conduit or external thread connection.

แบรนด์ : Leinuoer


Product material : Location C and F are made of thickened zice alloy ; E are made of chemigums , and D is of iron casting.
Specification of thread : G (Metric thread can be customized)
Color : Metallic color (Silver white)
Temperature : -40C - 100 C , instantaneously can be +120C
Property : Female thread type in suitable for connection with theaded steel conduit or external thread connection

Part No.Metal Flexible Conduit (Metric)Metal Flexible Conduit (G)Inner Thread (G)
LNE-DPN-12Φ 123/8"G3/8"
LNE-DPN-16Φ 161/2"G1/2"
LNE-DPN-20Φ 203/4"G3/4"
LNE-DPN-25Φ 251"G1"
LNE-DPN-32Φ 321/1/4"G1/1/4"
LNE-DPN-38Φ 381/1/2"G1/1/2"
LNE-DPN-51Φ 512"G2" 
LNE-DPN-64Φ 642/1/2" G2/1/2" 
LNE-DPN-75Φ 753" G3" 
LNE-DPN-100 Φ 1004" G4" 
LNE-DPN-125 Φ 1255" G5" 
LNE-DPN-150 Φ 1506"G6" 
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