A2M 0909.01


Box for control devices and signals, AC series, M25 cable entry, 1 hole for unit Ø 22 mm, external dimensions 92x92x86 mm

หมวดหมู่ : CONNECTORS ILME Multipole Connectors

แบรนด์ : I.L.M.E.


 Product description
 Product type Box for control devices and signals
 Series AC
 Size External dimensions 92x92x86 mm
 Specification M25 cable entry
 1 hole for unit ⌀ 22 mm
 Technical Data
 IP degree of protection IP65
 Further technical details
 Weight 470,00 g
 Operating temperature range (min, max) -20℃…+80℃
 Material properties
 Main material Aluminium die-cast
 Other material Gasket: NBR
 Screws: galvanized steel
 Colour RAL 7040 grey
 SCIP number A4d990c2-7936-4d11-a722-
 General ordering information
 EAN13 code 8015747173858
 Packaging Information
 Packaging weight 6,00 kg
 Packaging volume 11,02 dm3
 Packaging description Carton box
 Packaging quantity 12 Pcs
 Packaging EAN code 8015747092647


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