CPM 06


Male insert, CP series, screw terminal connection, 6 poles + PE, 35 A 400/690 V 6 kV 3, size "77.27", with plate

หมวดหมู่ : CONNECTORS ILME Multipole Connectors


Product description
Product typeInsert
Connection typeScrew terminal connection
N. of poles6 poles +
SizeSize 77.27
SpecificationWith plate, also for non-prepared conductors
Technical data
Current35 A
Voltage400 - 690  V
Rated impulse withstand voltage6 kV
Pollution degree3
Rated voltage according to UL/CSA600 V
Wire cross-section0,75 mm² - 6,00 mm²
AWG size18 - 10
Contact typeTurned silver plated
IP degree of protectionIP20 without enclosure, IP65/IP66/IP68/IP69 with enclosure


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